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Spanish Alphabet

A A  Amor (love)  B* Be  Bebida (beverage)  C Ce  Cerveza (beer)  Ch Che  Chile (Chile)  D De  Día (day)  E E  España (Spain)  F Efe  Frío (cold)  G Ge  Ganar (to earn)  H Hache  Hermano (brother)  I I  Isla (island)  J Jota  Jamás (never)  K Ka  Kilo (kilo)  L Ele  Libre (free)  LL Elle 

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Learn Spanish

A great site deciated to teaching you some tips and tricks on learning spanish quickly. There is no real short cut other than doing the work but we are here to make the work easier for you. We encoarage others to help and leave comments on tricks they have used when learning a second language

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